Mayweather Fight Night at GameTime


Thanks to all of the GameTime players who stopped by GameTime in Miami and Tampa this weekend. The Mayweather vs. Maidana fight was a great one. With all of our TVs showing the fight, there wasn’t an eye in the arcade not fixated on the action in the ring.

Hope you had a great time watching the fight, playing the games, and enjoying some food or drinks. We can’t wait until the next great fight.

Check out some of the pics we took during the fight this past Saturday night!

Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Players Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Pool-Tables Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Redemption-Center Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Specials Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Sports-Bar Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Arcade Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Arena-Sports-Bar Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Bartenders Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Big-Screen-TVs Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Drink-Specials Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Family-Restaurant Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Food-Specials Mayweather-Fight-Night-GameTime-Miami-Guests