FAQs – Birthday Cake

Birthday-Parties-and-Events-at-GameTime #GTplayers

 Q. What type of cake do you offer as an add-on to your Party Packages?

A. You can add a chocolate or vanilla cake. The cake has white butter cream icing, with a multi-color trim and sprinkles.

Q. How big is the cake? Does it come pre-sliced?

A. The cakes that we offer additional to your Party Package are a quarter sheet. This sized cake can feed about 25 people. The cakes do not come out pre-sliced. Your event server will slice the cake for you after “Happy Birthday” is sung.

Q. Can I bring in my own birthday cake?

A. Birthday cake is the only form of outside food that is allowed in the venue. The cake cannot be homemade, and must be store bought. It can also be purchased from a licensed baker.

Q: My bakery purchased cake came as a package with pastries; can I bring those in too?

A: You can bring in your bakery purchased cake, but the pastries and finger foods are not allowed.