FAQs – General Facility

Birthday-Parties-and-Events-at-GameTime #GTplayers

Q: Do my guests have to pay an entrance fee?

A: GameTime does not charge an entrance fee to come into the venue.

Q: Do my guests have to pay for parking?

A: Parking is free, GameTime has a full parking lot to accommodate our guests.

Q: Can I move my event to the restaurant or cocktail area when the party is over?

A: It all depends on how busy the restaurant and cocktail areas are. These areas cannot be reserved before hand, and are available on a first come/first served basis.

Q: Do your crew members watch the front doors to make sure that our kids don’t walk out?

A: All parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their own children.

Q: Does GameTime rent out machines for special events outside the venue?

A: GameTime does have a sister company named General Vending. Please feel free to contact this company for your equipment rental needs. The contact number is 954-583-8000.