FAQs – Food & Beverages

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Q: How many people does each platter serve?

A: Each one of our party platters feed about 10 people. The number of pieces each platter brings is also listed for reference.

Q: What type of soda do you serve?

A: Our center serves Coca-cola products.


Q: My kids do not drink soda; are there any other beverage options that I can have in the pitchers?

A: Yes, we have fruit punch, lemonade, and water available.

Q: I purchased a Party Package for each child attending my event; is the pizza and soda complimentary for the adults?

A: The pizza and soda that is included with the Party Package is only for the children. You can purchase additional pizzas and sodas for the adults if you like.

Q: Can I bring any platters or food into the venue?

A: Outside food is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can I bring in my own wine or adult beverages and pay a corkage fee?

A: Bringing in your own wine or beverages is prohibited. Therefore, we do not offer this as an option.

Q: My child has a severe food allergy; can I bring in an individual meal for them?

A: For children with severe food allergies, we do make exceptions to our outside food policy. You may bring in an individual meal for a child with severe food allergies.

Q: Do I have to place my food and beverage order before the time of my event?

A: It is highly recommended to place your food order before the time of your event. Our team will be better prepared if we have the order beforehand. This will also ensure that your food preferences are available.

Q: How many pizzas are included in the birthday packages?

A: The number of pizzas can fluctuate with the party size. Each child is guaranteed at least two slices of pizza with the party packages.

Q: Do you offer gluten-free pizza?

A: We currently do not offer gluten free pizza.

Q: How big are your large pizzas?

A: Our large pizzas are 16” pizzas and they are sliced into 16 slices.

Q: Can I purchase soda pitchers for the adults attending my party?

A: You may add additional pitchers of soda for $5.50 per pitcher.

Q: When will my food be served at the party?

A: Your food will be served right at the start of the party. Your contracted time is the time in which the food service will start.